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A dynamic composite of rising stars, The Collection represents the depth and range of tomorrow’s finest writers chronicling transgender narratives. 28 authors from North America converge in a single volume to showcase the future of trans literature and the next great movements in queer art.

Edited by Tom Léger & Riley MacLeod

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A dynamic composite of rising stars, The Collection represents the depth and range of tomorrow’s finest writers chronicling transgender narratives. 28 authors from North America converge in a single volume to showcase the future of trans literature and the next great movements in queer art.

Edited by Tom Léger & Riley MacLeod

Advance Praise

THE COLLECTION is a foundational, ground-breaking anthology that will serve as a primer for trans literature for years to come. Traveling across genres, experience, and including emerging and mid-career writers, Léger and MacLeod have made a significant contribution to contemporary literature.”
Sarah Schulman, author of After Delores and The Mere Future

“THE COLLECTION is a brave and important book—a smart, funny, sexy lineup of fresh stories that reflect a range of trans experiences and ideas. Carter Sickels and Stephen Ira, especially, wrote standout pieces, but the whole book is studded with gems.”
Cris Beam, author of Transparent and I am J

“This collection is clear proof that transgender people have gone beyond the mindset of embattled minority seeking acceptance to a vibrant culture crossing many boundaries.  These stories are varied, creative, with many points of view.  Just like transpeople ourselves.”
Rachel Pollack, author of A Secret Woman

THE COLLECTION is truly what literature needs—an honest collection of transgender identity, featuring voices of a million backgrounds. While thoughtful prose and queer identity weave these stories together, the diversity in the narrators’ experiences succeed in making THE COLLECTIONreal and telling.  Authors share their convictions via love, loss, family, culture, sexuality, work, a distaste for the world around us, and the drive to tell a story that could very well alter that world.”
Cristy C. Road, author of Bad Habits and Spit and Passion

“I loved this book. Most anthologies are hit or miss, like a mix tape made by someone who doesn’t know your tastes. This one shone from start to finish with quality and imaginative sparkle. THE COLLECTION is a vital contribution to a literary world that would rather overlook trans narratives. This book will make that impossible.”
—Zoe Whittall, author of Bottle Rocket Hearts and Holding Still for As Long As Possible,
Lambda Literary Award Winner 2011

“Content and craft unite closely together in THE COLLECTION.  Palpable transgender discourse and a burgeoning trans aesthetic permeate the page. However, these stories are not weighted with the theoretical or expository. Here trans is not explained, but imaginatively explored by twenty-eight emerging authors who are each unique and surefooted in their narrative prowess.

Like any good fiction, THE COLLECTION invites us to share an experience. The well-drawn protagonists range from heartbroken lovers to homeless outcasts to rebounding super heroes. Collectively, these characters move us from the icy bleakness of the Canadian Prairies to the desperation of a post-Katrina New Orleans. They show everything from the deeply personal nostalgia of childhood memories to the complex intimacy of the bedroom.”
Amber Dawn, author of Sub Rosa, Lambda Literary Award winner 2011

“I want you to read this book. You’ll see a lot of reviews about how you should read it because trans people struggle with the gender binary or because trans people are different or because transness bears some deep meaning in a world of Men and Women. Sure it does. But I want you to ignore those reviews.

You should read this book because it’s an amazing and deeply variegated survey of what 28 trans people were thinking about. When do we ever get to hear what trans people are thinking about? All we hear is what trans people are. What we mean in a world of Men and Women. Fuck that. Read this book because it is a profound act of respect to listen to what these people were thinking.”
—Annie Danger, performance artist, organizer of The Fully Functional Cabaret

“THE COLLECTION is honestly some of the best short fiction I’ve come across in quite some time. I have always searched for fiction that I can relate to and see myself in. I have often wished for stories with transgender characters – you know, that just happen to be transgender – but I am frequently disappointed by the traditional trans narratives.

What a relief! Finally a collection of creative voices that reflect the variety of experiences that we all share – drawing on the strength, passion, normalcy, and humor that is prevalent in everyday life. I currently run my own suicide prevention project in Denver, CO ( I work with youth that, like me, are hungry for voices that normalize and reflect their own lives and experiences. THE COLLECTION is this mirror, and I am certain that it will change the lives of many who will read it.”
—Dylan Scholinski, author of The Last Time I Wore A Dress

“THE COLLECTION has successfully articulated the many ways in which gender identity can be drawn upon in fiction. It hits the mark in being wholly entertaining while ushering in a new cast of talented writers who are putting their mark on trans/gender variant lit. Don’t just read it, spread the word: fantastic trans/gender variant short fiction is here!”
—Morty Diamond, editor of From The Inside Out and Trans/Love

About the Editors

Tom Léger and Riley MacLeod have been writing together and fostering space for transgender artists for over 10 years. Their plays have been seen at HERE Arts Center, WOW Cafe Theater, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, and included 9 sold-out episodes of their serial comedy Butch McCloud: Your Friendly Neighborhood Lesbian Superhero which delighted audiences in New York for more than a year. Léger and MacLeod wrote the screenplay for the celebrated short film F. Scott Fitzgerald Slept Here (2007, dir. Jules Rosskam) which EMRO noted was “surprisingly blunt and humorous” and also “quite amazing”. The two also co-produced STAGES, the first international transgender theater festival, in New York City in 2003. THE COLLECTION is their first book project.

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